Menu for Hope 6

While much of the world celebrates December with feasts and festivities, millions still go hungry. If you’ve followed food blogs for a while, no doubt you will recall Menu for Hope, the annual campaign in which food bloggers around the world unite to raise money for the World Food Programme. It began in the aftermath…Continue readingMenu for Hope 6

Remembering David on World AIDS Day

I wonder what David is eating today. I was reminded this morning that today is World AIDS Day, and I immediately thought of David in the clutch of his grandmother’s skinny brown arms. Four years have passed since we last saw the little boy in a hot, cramped neighborhood on the edge of Phnom Penh,…Continue readingRemembering David on World AIDS Day

The Right to Be a Child

Two Indian boys, the children of tea plantation workers in Darjeeling, gather plant trimmings they will use to heat their homes. During winter months, the tea plants are dormant, but plantation workers trim the dead branches for fuel. This week marks 20 years since the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the…Continue readingThe Right to Be a Child

Whirlwind Week

What with the hullabaloo this week, I neglected our return to NYC and Pittsburgh. Hectic days, indeed. Our mornings began early, in an hour of lovely light, as seen from our hotel. We had a good location, near the Queensboro Bridge, which sandwiched us smack dab in the middle of our many appointments across the…Continue readingWhirlwind Week

The Truth of the Matter

Dirty dishes, Siem Reap roadside rain Some days, I just don’t care very much about food. I go through moods and, at times, all I want to do is feed the machine so it keeps on churning. And sometimes, as in this week past, I suffer a gut bug and I take drugs (not very…Continue readingThe Truth of the Matter

Cambodia Wants to Eat

Heng Phala is shown preparing lunch in the cooking corner of the apartment she shared with her son and mother. This photo was taken in 2004, when Phala had been HIV positive for about two years before she began taking medicine in preparation for ARV treatment. Phala thought she had been infected by her husband,…Continue readingCambodia Wants to Eat

Cambodia’s Culture of Child Labor (an ongoing story)

Nuon, 10, collects corn to sell at her family’s roadside stand near Kampot You might recall our project on Cambodian child labor and the photo exhibit it inspired last year. You also might recall that this project has much to do with food: many Cambodian kids work for dinner. Our aim was not to expose…Continue readingCambodia’s Culture of Child Labor (an ongoing story)

Menu for Hope 4

We have seen too many hungry people this year. Especially in India. And so I appeal to you again this year to pledge a few of your dollars toward a Menu for Hope prize, all proceeds of which will go to the UN World Food Programme. Last year’s campaign was a smashing success, with $62,925.12…Continue readingMenu for Hope 4

$30 Fish and Happiness

I’m way overdue on this one, but better late than not at all, right? Much of Asia subsists on less than a dollar a day. Kids go hungry, parents die young. People often ask me what an average person can do to help. What good is my $20 or $50? What’s the point, when millions…Continue reading$30 Fish and Happiness

Life on the Move

A funny thing about our coffee friends (see previous post): They understand what we’re doing. For weeks, I’ve tried to explain to people that we are NOT moving back to the US, per se. We’re investing in a house, then returning to Asia for the bulk of our work. We will juggle time between two…Continue readingLife on the Move