#GivingTuesday – A Few Suggestions

People want to help. Always. This is the message we get every time we return from a trip overseas: people sincerely care, they want to help, they want to make a difference, but they don’t know where to begin. Today, on the international day of giving, we’d like to offer a few friendly suggestions based…Continue reading#GivingTuesday – A Few Suggestions

Olives & Everything.

It’s the little stuff, life’s petty displeasures—muddy floors, email glitches, lost time, lack of sleep, bikes with flat tires just when I want to ride—that ruffle me and make me that person I don’t want to be. The person who lacks perspective. But it’s also the little stuff that does just the opposite: makes me…Continue readingOlives & Everything.

Season of Thanks & Giving

Shu feeds her daughter, Ngoc Chau, at a dinner with her Hmong co-workers and trainees in Sapa, northern Vietnam. I’m breaking all the rules this week. It’s Thanksgiving, this is a food blog, and I’m not posting a single holiday recipe. Gasp! I know. But the truth is, I’m thinking more about life and less…Continue readingSeason of Thanks & Giving

Menu for Hope Update

A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the sixth annual Menu for Hope. Success, indeed. The campaign raised $78,898 for the World Food Programme—no small sum. Congratulations to all those who soon shall receive a mailing of something tasty or intriguing. Please check Chez Pim for the complete list of results.Continue readingMenu for Hope Update

Menu for Hope 6

While much of the world celebrates December with feasts and festivities, millions still go hungry. If you’ve followed food blogs for a while, no doubt you will recall Menu for Hope, the annual campaign in which food bloggers around the world unite to raise money for the World Food Programme. It began in the aftermath…Continue readingMenu for Hope 6

Thank You!

Many thanks, everyone, for another successful Menu for Hope campaign. With an extended deadline of Dec. 31, the effort raised $61,506 for kids and farmers in Lesotho. Check back at Chez Pim for prize winners and further details.Continue readingThank You!

Menu for Hope V

It’s a striking land, Shan State. Just across the northern border of Thailand lies a different world; a landscape steeped in beauty, a people with histories worth reading. And tea. Fine, sweet, glorious green tea. When my Burmese students took me to dinner last month and I asked the origin of the tea on our…Continue readingMenu for Hope V

Menu for Hope Prizes

Are you a winner? Check at Chez Pim for the grand results, and Grab Your Fork for the Asia-Pacific region. Many thanks again to all of you.Continue readingMenu for Hope Prizes

Big Wishes

Just a quick note to send my best holiday greetings your way. And a ginormous THANK YOU to everyone who helped in this year’s Menu for Hope, which raised $90,191. That’s astounding! We’re on the move again, back in Kolkata briefly before returning to Thailand. I should be back soon with more from Nagaland, Darjeeling,…Continue readingBig Wishes

Getting Closer!

As of this moment — 9:22 a.m. Friday, Darjeeling time — we’re at $59,835. Just a few thousand short of last year’s Menu for Hope total. Many, many thanks to all of you generous donors! Let’s keep pushing a little harder….Continue readingGetting Closer!